Cultural Awareness Program
Shortage Occupation - Skilled Workers UK and the UAE Migrating from Overseas

clock icon6 Hrs
  • Cultural Awareness with JOB Roles, Duties and Responsibilities
  • A step-by-step approach to settling in to the UK, cultural awareness, rights and responsibilities
  • Housekeeping -UK Standards L1
  • Establishing a good work system and time management
  • Tools and equipment-chemical solutions + methodology
  • Paediatric First Aid-Intro
  • Responsibilities of the Pediatric first aider
  • Assessing an emergency situation
  • Managing an unresponsive infant or child
  • Dealing with illness, wounds, bleeding and with minor injuries.
  • Kitchen and Food Hygiene Practices
  • Understanding best practices when handling foods, being able to identify hygiene hazards and implement control measures.
  • Understanding waste management, pest control and safe working environments.
  • Laundry and Ironing
  • How to use the washing machine (The right program-and washing powder)
  • Drying Techniques (Avoiding Condensation-Mildew-Sun Bleaching-Sand Damage)
  • Best Ironing Techniques and Using the Steam Iron
    Closet Organization