Tips for a healthy lifestyle

May 11, 2023

It can be hard to maintain a very healthy lifestyle, with many people struggling to avoid bad habits while having a busy schedule.

It is often easy to choose quick and unhealthy food options, avoid additional exercise and make decisions that will not benefit your health.

However, living a healthier lifestyle does not always require a huge overhaul, and can actually be done by implementing a few small changes into your routine.

Although not going to have an impact overnight, here are 10 tips that will definitely see you feeling a difference.


Get enough sleep

It can be a struggle to get enough sleep each night if you have a family, a busy job, a long commute or for many other reasons.

Spending too long using technology and staring at the screen of your phone or laptop can also make it more difficult to fall asleep, so it’s important to set a strict time for yourself to put them down and go to bed.

Try and avoid screens at least 30 minutes before you plan to go to sleep, to give your brain enough time to unwind.

It is recommended that you should aim for around 8 hours of sleep each night. This will benefit your energy levels and much more, as your body has a good amount of time to recharge.


Drink enough water

You should be drinking around two liters of water a day, with those living in hot climates encouraged to drink more than that in order to stay hydrated.

Although it is fine to enjoy other beverages like tea, coffee, and juice throughout the day, these should not be substitutes for your water.

Staying hydrated will boost your energy levels, as well as helping regulate your body temperature and digestion.


Cut down on alcohol

Limiting your alcohol intake will have both short term and long-term benefits when it comes to your health.

Repeated or excessive drinking can have an impact on how your body will function in the future, so reducing your intake or stopping altogether is a good idea.

You will also experience improvements in your blood pressure, weight, and liver function, even your immune system.


Stop smoking

The decision to give up a smoking habit will see you experience both short- and long-term benefits for your health.

It can be difficult to try and cut down or quit, however your wellbeing, lung function, sense of taste and fitness levels will all improve.

There are also a wide range of support and advice channels to help you quit, as well as alternatives that will not damage your health.


Wash your hands

You should always be washing your hands regularly throughout the day, including before eating, after using the washroom, and at other appropriate times.

By doing this, you reduce the risk of spreading germs and infection to yourself and others around you.


Go outside

It is a good idea to ensure that if the weather conditions are suitable, you spend some time outdoors and get some fresh air.

Even spending as little as 30 minutes per day outside will see your physical and mental wellbeing improve.

Fresh air is great for relieving stress levels, and the vitamin D you gain from sunlight is also essential for your immune system and mood.


Limit unhealthy foods

Cutting back on indulgent foods will also encourage a healthier lifestyle. Most foods are fine in moderation, but you should be wary of consuming too many foods that are high in salt and saturated fats.

Instead, you should ensure you are taking in enough protein and fiber, and filling your body with what it needs to function well.


Watch your weight

Although your weight does not always determine your exact state of health, it’s important to monitor and keep track of it.

Sudden losses or gains in your weight can be indicators of a number of things, so it’s good to be aware of it.


Find a way to unwind

As well as improving your physical lifestyle, it’s important to also focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Stress can have an impact on your whole body, so find time to set aside solely to do something you enjoy and find relaxing.

This could be anything from going for a walk to spending time with loved ones. Allocating time to what you love should give you a boost to take on all of the other challenges you have in your day.


By physically active

Making small efforts to move more throughout the day is very important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For example, try taking the stairs instead of the lift, get up from your desk more at work, and even look at some exercise options that you would enjoy.


There are many different sports, classes and activities you could try to make sure you are getting your heart rate up, and you might actually enjoy them too. 


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