The benefits of home health care

May 05, 2023

Home health care is continuing to expand across Dubai, as an increasing number of families opt for the services to look after their loved ones.

Allowing greater freedom, independence and more, there are a host of trained professionals who can give individuals a much more personalised level of care.

Becoming popular during Covid-19, home healthcare allowed an option for people to receive care and be monitored away from heightened risks of infection.

A full and better recovery is also common among those who receive quality home care, due to the tailored care plan they receive, as well as being able to recuperate in their own comfortable environment.

Today, home care creates a more comfortable and less clinical way of providing care inside the home, so it is no surprise that there are a host of benefits attached to it.

If you have chosen to have a loved one looked after by a quality home care service in Dubai, you can expect some great advantages.


Undivided Attention

By choosing home care, the care assistant or nurse is able to give their complete attention and time to the individual, rather than going between multiple patients in a nursing home or hospital ward.

Completely focused on your family member, the service is able to be much more attentive and detailed, with the caregiver becoming aware of their routines, habits and needs.

In addition, this one-on-one time allows both the caregiver and the individual to develop a much closer and personal relationship, a bond that is extremely important when delivering care at home.


Keeping families together

Working to provide a completely patient-centric experience, home or live-in care services allow families and loved ones to remain close when one of them requires care.

Keeping them out of hospital or a residential facility, the individual is able to continue living with their family in their home, or stay in their own home and have their loved ones visit at any time.

Hospitals and clinics can often be restricted by visiting hours, the number of people allowed to visit and other rules. In comparison, home nursing and caregiving allows for the individual’s family to spend time together however and whenever they wish.

By hiring a home caregiver that either lives there or works there full time, the family can also develop a relationship with the person, or people, caring for their loved one in a relaxed environment.  


Independence and Freedom

As previously mentioned, hospital or external care facilities can have restrictions on how those staying there are able to manage their day, from what time they eat and wash to when they have visitors.

In contrast, home health care is planned completely around the individual, with the care assistant working on their schedule, not the other way around.

When creating a bespoke care plan, the individual has their say on how their day will be planned out, letting them do things at their own pace and leisure.

Staying in your own home can also have a huge impact on mental wellbeing, allowing those needing care to do so somewhere they feel safe and secure.

This can also be hugely beneficial for elderly patients or those diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, with the same routine and setting providing familiarity.


In case of emergency

Another benefit of home health care services is the peace of mind it can give family members knowing someone is there for their loved one in case of an emergency.

Having someone with the individual to monitor them and their surroundings can give families peace of mind and allow them to take time for respite themselves.

At Acoup, all of our staff are qualified and trained for their positions, and are equipped to deal with any potential incidents in a calm and professional manner.

It means in any situation that arises, the individual is able to seek help from their caregiver, for example in the event or a slip, trip or fall.



Loneliness can have a huge impact on a person’s mental health, with long periods of time at home alone bound to have an effect.

However, at home care also provides one-on-one companionship, allowing people to have vital company and conversation even if they are not mobile or able to get out of the house.

With their presence being constant and consistent, a home caregiver, nurse or caring assistant can see an incredible change in the person’s mood and overall wellbeing.

Another known companion and comfort can be an individual’s pets, and with home care they are able to keep them around, whereas in hospital or another facility, this may not be the case.

Finally, the companionship found in at home care can also allow for more quality family time. If the caregiver is able to monitor the individual’s physical and mental health on a day to day basis, then family do not have to do this when they visit, and can instead spend time enjoying each other’s company.

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