Signs your loved one needs help at home

May 11, 2023

In most of our lives, there will come a time when either we or someone we love will require care.

As we get older, lose our mobility or see a decline in our health, many of us will need some form of additional help.

Today, the expansion of home care services now offers array of benefits that allows people to retain their independence, and receive care in their own surroundings.

However, it is common that many people do not want to admit or acknowledge they may need extra assistance, so you might need to spot the signs.

If you believe a loved one might be struggling at home, here are some of the key signs to look out for.


Hygiene & Appearance 

A decline in a person’s grooming and hygiene can indicate that they may need care and are struggling to look after themselves.

Signs like untidy hair, dirty hands, unwashed clothes, or body odor, can all indicate something isn’t quite right at home.


Untidy or Unclean Home 

Similar to a change in hygiene and appearance, a change in a person’s home can also show they are unable to manage alone.

For example, a messy, unorganized or dirty home or garden could indicate that the person is no longer able to keep on top of all of their household duties that they could before.


Difficulty with Daily Tasks 

If someone requires care, they may find small tasks that were once easy a much more difficult affair.

For example, if preparing food, dressing themselves or moving back and forward to the washroom now appears to be a struggle, it is a clear sign they will need someone else to help them at home.


Confusion or Forgetfulness 

We can all be forgetful, however if a person is repeatedly becoming confused or forgetting information, it is time to speak to them about getting some additional help.

Forgetfulness is common with old age and does not always mean the person is a concern when left alone, however a simple confusion for example over if they have taken their medication could have serious consequences.


Feeling Lonely or Depressed 

Sometimes, it may not be physical changes that appear in your loved one, but instead there could be changes in their mental health.

Loneliness and isolation can have a serious impact on a person, who would often benefit hugely from some companionship.

If your loved one is quieter than usual, more subdued or depressed, you can discuss options with them to have a companion or caregiver in the home that could see their mental health improve dramatically.


Slips, Trips & Falls 

As we get older, it is common to be more unsteady and likely to slip, trip or fall. But if someone is living alone, this risk can be more serious.

Allowing at home care would not only be able to monitor a person in case they do have an accident, but also prevent them from happening in the first place.


What to do if you notice these signs 

If you have noticed any of these signs in your loved one, the most important thing to do is speak to them about it.

The thought of additional help can be overwhelming for some people, however it can transform their loves and allow them to remain independent and avoid hospital or residential care.

If you choose to hire a home health nurse, they will be able to complete a host of tasks for your loved one, as well as providing around the clock support.

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