Signs of dementia

May 08, 2023

An early diagnosis of dementia can have a big impact on how the condition is managed, and how it deteriorates.

Affecting millions of people around the world, changes in the brain cause memory loss and affect both a person’s thinking skills and their ability to function on their own.

The condition does not currently have a cure, however, research has shown that a healthier lifestyle can lower your risk of it developing.

One of the most common symptoms of dementia is to forget things, or become confused, but there are many other indicators to look out for.

To ensure either you or those you love have any symptoms checked out early, here are the signs to be aware of.


Memory loss

Memory loss is the most well-known symptom of dementia, and often people struggle to remember information they have just learnt.

Everyone will forget things from time to time, but for people with dementia, it will become a repeated occurrence.


Misplacing belongings

Similar to memory loss, a sign can be a person forgetting where they have put something they recently handled.

Usually losing day-to-day items such as a TV remote or car keys, if items are repeatedly being lost it may be a concern.


Changes in personality

A difficult symptom to watch occur to those you love, dementia can cause changes to a person’s character and personality.

They may become more withdrawn over time, appearing quieter and ‘not quite themselves’ to those who know them well.


Impaired judgement

If someone is suffering from dementia, they may begin to make unusual decisions in everyday life. For example, going out in hot weather dressed for the cold, or making strange and unpleasant food combinations for their meals.


Mood swings and behaviour

Sadly, the effects from dementia often cause dramatic mood swings that can cause the person to become suddenly agitated or upset.

Often coming on quickly, the outbursts are a common indicator that the person could be suffering from something like Alzheimer’s disease.



People with dementia can quickly become confused as to why they have just done something or made a decision.

A common example is to forget why they have come into a room, where they are, or what time of day it is.


Unable to express themselves

Due to the changes going on in their brain, someone with dementia may struggle sometimes to put a sentence together, or to find the words they are looking for.


Problems understanding numbers

Similar to having issues with words, another sign of dementia can be having difficulty using numbers and completing simple tasks with them.

As the effects of Alzheimer’s take hold, a person will forget what numbers are and how they work, so tasks like using a calculator may become difficult.


Loss of initiative

An indicator can be if a person needs prompted or asked to do certain things that they would have had the initiative to do themselves previously. They may also become more passive and disinterested in daily life and be less engaged in conversations.


Struggling with familiar tasks

 Everyone can forget basic tasks if we are stressed, busy or tired. However, a person with dementia may struggle to complete tasks that are usually second nature to them, and that will be noticeable by others.

If you believe that you are experiencing these symptoms, or someone you love is showing signs of dementia, you should speak to a doctor.

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Our reliable and qualified caregivers can be there round the clock to ensure that the individual is constantly monitored and is able to retain some of their independence and freedom while also being looked after.