Introducing our new pregnancy class in Dubai

Jan 02, 2023

Next month, the Acoup Training Institute is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new pregnancy classes in Dubai.

Known for already boasting a fantastic range of courses in home care services, our team are ready to introduce pregnancy preparation classes and even a pregnancy training plan.

The Acoup Training Institute is known for its fantastic array of courses in home care services, allowing you to be well-versed in all types of care.


What is the Maternity & Newborn Care course?

‘The RealCare Baby Programme’ course contents are at UK Standard, with the programme is designed to support new mothers who wish to hire a full-time caregiver right at the beginning of their journey.

Pregnancy is an incredible time for first-time mothers; however, it can be overwhelming as you deal with such a volume of new information.

Understanding how your pregnancy will progress, while adapting to the physical changes, mean the first few months can be an ideal time to introduce maternity home care.

Training your caregiver or maternity nurse pre and post-delivery is an ideal situation, which will allow you to integrate them before your baby arrives.

Allowing you to develop a relationship, as well as letting them understand how your home is run.

Now spanning over 120 hours of quality course time, the curriculum will focus on the fundamentals of pregnancy and newborn handling.

Looking at everything from your health and mobility to the arrival of baby, participants are guaranteed to come away with a much greater understanding and knowledge about what’s ahead.


What is involved? 

Offering real life-like scenarios, simulators and an interactive educational programme, the pregnancy preparation classes explain the physical, emotional, and social effects of caring for pregnant mothers, newborns, and infants round the clock.

In addition, the classes evaluate the physical changes and symptoms, as well as the best parenting practices and newborn care in Dubai.

Giving an all-round idea of the effects pregnancy can have, the course even provides education on post-natal care, in everything from daily needs to how to handle post-partum depression, while taking care of a newborn.

With the UAE and UK home to a mix of nationalities, the programme also looks at customs surrounding maternity care, pregnancy, and birth from around the world, as well as busting some major myths and facts.

How do I sign up? 

Due to begin on January 15, you can find more information on the course, and how to sign up visiting our website.