Enrolment now open on ACOUP KHDA-Certified Nanny Training Program

Sep 24, 2023

A nanny often holds a huge responsibility when it comes to caring for your children, so it is essential she is trained and has been given the tools to do so.

Every mother’s supporting needs are different from one household to another, and that is why we at ACOUP Training Institute provide a tailored package suitable for nannies working in the UAE.

You may be a mother of a child with special needs, have just given birth to twins, or have three pre-schoolers running around at home - our KHDA certified Course is the first approved and accredited specific to Childcare at Home.

This introduction course offers insights into

  • Paediatric First Aid (Introduction)
  • Child Development
  • Child Protection
  • Early Years Learning
  • Effective Communication Skills (Parents and Nanny)

What childcare courses are available?

There are currently two courses available at the ACOUP Training Institute for Child Care at Home:

  • Childcare at Home 12 hours (Introduction -UAE) or
  • Childcare at Home 120 Hours (UK Level 3); for those who are applying to work inside the UK.

What is the ACOUP Training Institute?

Established Since 2015 Acoup Training Institute has successfully trained over 10,000 female home help workers, nannies, private nurses, caregivers, and medical staff pre-placement.

Run and managed by UK expats, our team are passionate about upskilling home help workers throughout the UAE.

Our Team is dedicated to assisting nannies and private nurses specialise in the profession of looking after children at home and has developed a robust KHDA approved British curriculum from highly experienced Norland nannies, midwives, neonatal specialists, SEN trainer and English language trainer.

If you enrol your nanny on our program, you will also receive a FREE Parent and Nanny Manual written by our Norland Nanny Child Care Expert.

How can I sign up my nanny?

To enrol on the Child Care at Home Program, please click here.